One Voice against bullying

New Zealand National Bullying Prevention Conference

Victoria University of Wellington 19- 20 August 2019

The National Bullying Prevention welcomes You

This is the 2nd conference of its kind in New Zealand and it is a strategic event that aims to bring together all the stakeholders currently working or involved in the field/area of bullying in New Zealand. The conference has been initiated by a community of stakeholders as bullying is becoming a greater concern for the well-being of children and adults impacted by this form of aggressive behavior.

All are welcome, whether you a professional, parent, student or  child/young person.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Peggy Burrows

PhD, MA (Hons), B’Ed, Dip Teaching
Director, Peggy Burrows & Associates, Mediation & Leadership Consultancy

Dr. James Brown

Associate Professor at Indiana University’s School of Social Work

Hon Nikki Kaye

Member of Parliament, Auckland Central
National Party Spokesperson for Education and Sport and Recreation

John Peachey

The Chief People Mechanic
with The Think Farm
A broadcaster, Researcher, Writer, Workshop Facilitator and Presenter on Leadership

 Peggy Burrows PhD spent two years charting a course back to “normal” when all around her was “chaos and loss.” Peggy’s presentation explores her interrogation and reinvention of self after a catastrophic end to her 30-year teaching career when she was unjustifiably dismissed by the Rangiora High School commissioner in 2015. Peggy’s journey is an uplifting story of courage, tenacity, resilience and hope and most importantly a blueprint for “finding your way back to you,” while at the same time creating a new and exciting way forward in your personal and professional life


Dr. James Brown is Associate Professor at at Indiana University’s School of Social Work and a former school social worker with over 13 years of experience. To date, he has researched and evaluated risk and protective factors in U.S. States’ statutes. His examination of the experiences parents have with their bullied children covered the impacts on parental mental health and the effects of the school’s response.  In his program evaluation of an empathy-based bully prevention program in an urban school district, the revelations led to a look into multiple stakeholders’ experiences in aligning prevention language and outlining goals for the community and their agencies which provide services. 

Nikki was elected as the MP for Auckland Central in 2008, winning the seat for the National Party for the first time in New Zealand’s history. In her parliamentary career she has handled more than 50,000 constituency cases, been a strong advocate for environmental and local government issues, and served as a Minister of the Crown across a range of portfolios including Education. Nikki is currently MP for Auckland Central and the National Party Spokesperson for Education and Sport and Recreation. 

John’s insight into the effects of leadership behaviour on creating healthy culture are both insightful and refreshing. His experience gained through seasons as a Talk-Back host with NewsTalkZB, as a radio interviewer and years working with senior leadership teams in education, business, faith and community has taught him the power of story, the power of encouragement and the power of highly effective communication in obtaining high performance outcomes for organisations regardless of industry, status or qualification. He asks the types of questions that makes leaders uncomfortable enough to desire change and able to challenge their practice towards life fulfilling goals, deep well-being and ecstatic joy. 

Dr. James Brown’s recent interview at Positively Dad Podcast; 
“The impacts on parents whose youth have been bullied at school and how schools respond to parents, along with the impacts on parental mental health”

Finding Your Way Back

 “I lost my professional home, I lost my professional family and I lost 1800 children who I love dearly in one day.” Peggy Burrows 

Our stakeholders & Supporting Organisations

Our stakeholders & Supporting Organisations